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  The Biodiversity and Elephant Conservation Trust (BECT) Sri Lanka, formed in 1998, is a non-profit organization, which is active in the conservation of elephants in Sri Lanka and also its biodiversity. The trustees are, Rohan Pethiyagoda, Michael Sproule and Jayantha Jayewardene.
  The BECT works with the Sri Lanka government and conservation organisations both in Sri Lanka and abroad.
  In this short space of time BECT has achieved much in the field of conservation.
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  Elephants In China
  By Jayantha Jayewardene (PDF file, 300 kb)
  Elephants now in Demand for their skin
  By Jayantha Jayewardena (PDF file, 250 kb)
  Human Aspects of Human-Elephant Conflicts
By Jayantha Jayewardene (PDF file, 85 kb)
  Illegal Captures - A Serious Threat to Asian Elephants
  By Jayantha Jayewardena (PDF file, 210 kb)

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Last updated: 07 February, 2021