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About BECT


The Biodiversity and Elephant Conservation Trust (BECT) Sri Lanka, formed in 1998, is a non-profit organization, which is active in the conservation of elephants in Sri Lanka and also its biodiversity. The trustees are, Rohan Pethiyagoda, Michael Sproule and Jayantha Jayewardene.


The Biodiversity & Elephant Conservation Trust, identifies the importance of dealing with the social issues of HEC in order to facilitate conservation of elephants. One such strategy is creating awareness, amongst the school children in the rural areas of Sri Lanka where there are ongoing Human-Elephant Conflicts. HEC causes untold hardships to the poor people living in those areas. Educating the younger generation is an effective way of controlling the peoples’ negative attitude towards conservation, especially elephants. Changing the attitude of children may also influence the other family members.

For the last nine years the Biodiversity & Elephant Conservation Trust has conducted a Schools’ Awareness Program in 150 rural schools each year. The children are given a general understanding of the biodiversity of the area and the country and a thorough knowledge of the elephant in a manner that they can view elephants from a more positive angle. We also show that elephants and humans can live together in harmony. Through this ongoing program we have reached over 300,000 children in the nineteen years.

Visit: Schools’ Awareness Program


Children during an awareness programme

The Biodiversity & Elephant Conservation Trust initiated the Family Support Program, a project to help the families of those killed by elephants in the course of the ongoing Human-Elephant Conflicts. It was started off in December 2007 when schoolbooks were distributed to 106 children from 50 families affected by the death of one parent being killed by a wild elephant. 2020 is the 12th year of this project.

There is much more to be done for these families. Most of them need proper housing and education opportunities for their children.

Through this website we intend informing all those concerned of the help needed and how their financial support will be utilised.

For more details visit: Family Support Program

  The Biodiversity & Elephant Conservation Trust has organised training programmes for veterinarians with international trainers, has sent staff from the Department of Wildlife Conservation and the National Zoological Gardens for foreign trainings, has conducted studies of elephant ranging patterns, monitored the movement of baby elephants re-introduced in to the wild and carried out surveys of the Tame elephant population in Sri Lanka.
  For more details visit: Elephant Studies Surveys etc & Training Programmes



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