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Elephant Studies, Surveys etc.

  BECT has either carried out or assisted on studies and surveys of elephants in Sri Lanka. Some of the major programmes are listed below.
Assisted the Department of Wildlife Conservation in Monitoring the movements and behavior of the groups of baby elephants released back to the wild habitats Radio telemetry was used to track the movement of these elephants. It also carried out a two-year study on elephant populations and behaviour at Handapanagala in southern Sri Lanka.
Completed a project for US Fish & Wildlife Services to Monitor elephants in Handapanagala, Southern Province, Sri Lanka and identify appropriate measures for conservation management and mitigation of the Human-Elephant conflict. December 200 to March 2004.
Completed a Study to Ascertain the Status of the Domestic Elephant Population in Sri Lanka for the International Elephant Foundation from November 2002 to November 2003.
Download the report: Status Of The Domestic Elephant Population In Sri Lanka
  (PDF file, 240KB)

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Last updated: 17 March, 2017